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Reputable ISO Consultation Services For Your Growing Masterplan-

Helping Your Company To Become An International Big Name!

ISO Is More Than Just A Certification To Display In Your Office

And surely it is not one of the “Ini Susahkan Orang” type of documents in your business

Allowing the business to continue operating without the business owner’s involvement in operations

  One of the requirements to get business awards, especially the National Mark Of Malaysian Brand

  Opportunity to work with other ISO-certified companies that required a high standard of product & service

Industries & Businesses That Commonly Use ISO As A Tool To Improve & Grow

A common misconception for business owners is that ISO is meant for manufacturing only. In fact, this is not the case. ISO helps implement effective processes in businesses & get repetitive desired results every time.









Financial Services

Strategic ISO Implementation Process Blended With Organization Development Approach


VA’s OD approach is a simple and integrated approach to Organization Development,
with emphasis on the parallel development of Business, People and Systems.

How Can VA Partners Help You

With over 20 years of experience & after 100s of projects with our satisfied clients,
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ISO Consultation Service

We cover the implementation of ISO 9001 and comply with audit requirements.

Upgrade ISO standards & Integrate with other industry standards

OHSAS, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 can be included in the implementation as well.

Revamp your failed ISO process

Can’t see how ISO helped you previously? Let us show you how.

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