Mr Well Kam Lian Hooi

AMA Certified Trainer

Founder/Director, VA Partners Group of Companies

Mr. Kam Lian Hooi, more popularly known as Well Kam, started his career as a Chartered Accountant, with firms of Public Accountants, including Ernst & Young International.  He also had ten years of colourful career with Malayan Electro-Chemical Industry Co. Sdn. Bhd. (MECI), a Malaysian-Japanese Joint-Venture specialized in the manufacture of PVC materials.  It was during his time in MECI that he obtained his MBA from the University of Portsmouth, UK and successfully spearhead the Organization Development process of the Company.

Well Kam founded VA Partners with a mission to enhance performance of customers through Organization Development programmes such as Strategic Planning & Team Alignment, Training & Development and systemize operations through Strategic ISO Implementation.  As a Peak Performance coach, he adopts a Total, Integrative and Creative approach in Corporate training and coaching to ensure effective Organization Development. He has travelled and conducted trainings in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar and the USA.

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As a coach and public speaker, he is very dynamic and is very effective in inspiring participants, making him a much sought-after corporate and personal coach and motivator.  Kam’s passion is “Inspiring Peak Performance through Learning & Wellness”.  He has also developed a practical approach to achieve Peak Performance through Learning & Wellness, which are the two main pillars for excellence!


Recent involvement in Strategic Team Alignment Training:-

    1. Conducted “Human Capital Division, Team Alignment Camp 2013” for Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad, Human Capital Division on 4th – 6th October, 2013 in Penang.
    2. Conducted “Team Alignment Camp, From Diversity to Synergy” For Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Young Entrepreneur Section (YES) on 27th October, 2013 in Penang.


Tham Wei Wei

Group CEO, VA Partners Group of Companies

Ms. Tham Wei Wei graduated from University of Waikato, New Zealand with a degree, and the first five years of her career has been much focused on R & D work in the printing and packaging sector. Wei Wei decided to broaden her horizons and made the career move to quality assurance and took the risk of working in a smaller company, which opened up doors of opportunities for her to develop her skills in project management and customer service.

Wei Wei gained most of her experience through hands on approach, never one to shy away from learning.  She believes that the hands on approach to learning leads not only to a better understanding of the organization’s operations, but also to build relationships with the employees and customers, leading to better control and management of situations and people.  Wei Wei had gained much respect as a very hands-on CEO in the hospital she worked in for the last 11 years, having built respectable working relationships with her doctors and employees.

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She had adopted the Total Integrative Creative approach towards her customers, customizing their training in accordance to the needs of the organization, with assurance of follow-up consultations to ensure efficient implementation and enforcement of projects.

Her training and consultancy focuses on strategic planning and team alignment, leadership training, branding and HR transformation.

Teoh Hoay Kim

COO / Director, VA Learning Sdn. Bhd.

Ms. Teoh Hoay Khim obtained her Bachelor of Mass Communication, majoring in Public Relations and Journalism, from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. She also completed her Diploma in Mass Communication, majoring in Public Relation and Advertising from Han Chiang College, Penang.

Hoay Khim is confident and enthusiastic in her approach to work, which is complemented by a willingness to take responsibility for her own actions and decisions. She is forward thinking, efficient and effective in her work practices, and one who will strive for, and usually achieve outstanding results.

Her track record based on trainees’ feedbacks and outcomes have been excellent, consistently.

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As a trainer, she is very versatile and effective having good command of Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese and having gone through the Total, Integrative and Creative Approach of VA Partners.

She is also a holder of ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor Certificate with emphasis on ISO/ TS 16949 Requirements certificated by IRCA.

Gooi Shiau Ying

Senior Consultant / Head of ISO Cluster, VA Learning Sdn. Bhd.

Ms. Gooi Shiau Ying graduated from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia with a Bachelor’s degree in  Mass Communication, majoring in Public Relations and Journalism. Prior to that, she completed her Diploma in Mass Communication majoring in Public Relations and Advertising from Han Chiang College, Penang.  She is also a qualified Quality Management System Auditor / Lead Auditor certified by the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA).

Shiau Ying  has 7 years of training and consulting experience with a diverse customer base, with commendable success rates of helping customers to implement, maintain and upgrade their Management System effectively.  Shiau Ying has a patient personality, never one to jump to conclusions, but instead uses her analytical skills and sound judgment to address issues,  which makes her a great team player and to her customers, she is a delight to work with.

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As a trainer, she is very versatile and dynamic in her approach, and her passion for training is very evident in the extra mile she puts in for her customers.  She has a good command of Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese.  Shiau Ying had adopted the VA Partners unique Total, Integrative and Creative Approach in her work, which had heightened her awareness towards customers’ actual needs and expectations, thus enabling her to develop the right training for the right customers.

Muhammad Danial Roy Abdullah

HR Consultant

My Goals

My aim is to support the growth and development of an organization’s through implementation of good human capital management practices. My objective is to establish  develop, or improve people management practices  to enhance employee engagement and talent retention as well as attracting the right talent aimed at supporting the organizations business endeavors.

My aim is also to guide and assist clients to manage all their people related issues in a professional manner to avoid unnecessary labor disputes and wrongful dismissal claims by ensuring compliance to Malaysian employment and industrial regulations.

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My Background

I started my career in the hospitality industry in Singapore in 1990 and spent the next 15 years in the industry. During this time I worked in various set ups ranging from 5 star hotels to life style restaurants chains.

My passion has been always people development and this led me to leave the hospitality industry and pursue a career as a freelance F&B Consultant/Trainer. I provided consultancy services on restaurant set-ups, developing service and operating manuals. A key component of my consultancy service was F&B Service training where I designed and developed customized F&B service-training programs for clients, which I conducted myself.

As a Consultant, I was engaged by a F&B consultancy firm who had been appointed to provide F&B management and in-patient dining services to Prince Court Medical Centre.  My accountabilities were to develop the in-patients dining services SOP. I was also responsible for developing and conducting service training for the entire F&B department.

I was offered an opportunity to join a HR consultancy firm as a L&D consultant. My passion for people development and my extensive experience in managing operations enabled to me to excel as HR Consultant.

During my tenure as a Consultant  , I have been involved in various HR Consultancy Projects as Project Manager for clients involved in property development pharmaceutical, manufacturing, education, medical  care services (private hospitals and Clinics), media, IT service providers, logistic and Insurance.

Among the clients I have served include MK Land Holdings Sdn Bhd, EMKAY Group,  KPAKK Sdn Bhd, KPMC Puchong Sdn Bhd  and Sterling Insurance Brokers .




Brand & Marketing Specialist

Tsujin is the “Zhuge Liang” of branding. He is in his forties, a shy introvert, born and bred in Penang.  Tsujin began his career in banking, and after a 9 years stint, he decided to call it quits, done with employment and made a bold switch. He decided to give entrepreneurship a shot and got his hands dirty with his first partnership, dealing in business coaching. Since then, he has never looked back, embraced entrepreneurship fully and vowed never to return to employment again.

Today, almost two decades later, Tsujin’s experiences are varied and wide. From banking, sales, consulting, start-ups, network marketing, events, to even acting, modelling & organizing fashion shows.

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Tsujin has a penchant passion for branding & retailing… especially in crafting “indie” retail brands. He’s a strong advocate of “indie” retail branding & calls for good brands to be niche, be weird, and stay small to give customers full 100% service from the heart! Besides running his many one of a kind branding projects and businesses, Tsujin is also a much sought after keynote speaker, inspirator and facilitator, speaking mainly on subjects he’s passionately interested in. And once in a while, you’ll find him scribbling his thoughts or ideas on his social media postings, blogs and article publications. He’s currently working to put his ideas & thoughts into a book or two. Grab one when it’s out in stores soon!

In the context of Creative Copywriting, Tsujin is the master story teller & creative copywriter putting to good use his writing skills, marketing knowledge and branding expertise, to help any company communicate their brand stories better than their competitors.

Masafumi Suzuki

Lean Management Intergrator

Masafumi Suzuki graduated from Kansai University, Osaka, with a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering. His career began with TRW Automotive in Japan as a Heat Treatment Manager, and it was during this illustrious 30-year tenure that he was introduced to the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Through the guidance of a Sensei from Toyota, driven with Suzuki san’s passion for Lean Management, he soon established himself as a dedicated TPS trainer for all TRW plants around the world.  After imparting Lean Production Philosophies for their sister plants in the Asian, North America, and Europe region, Suzuki san continued on to the TRW headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. There, he spent 3 years implementing lean projects and providing support, before subsequently taking on the mantle of Managing Director.

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With his recognized capability and reputation, Suzuki san then took on new challenges with Delphi Thermal Automotive Systems. He introduced and implemented the TPS concept to 10 of their plants in North America, initiating a consolidation project along with John Shook and James Womack. Between 2001 to 2005, these plants’ lead time was reduced from an average 10.2 days to <2 days, and their quality improved to 98% acceptance. Furthermore, this consolidation project successfully saved plant space by >85%, simultaneously reducing their inventory by >80% in WIP. This operation was later moved to Mexico where Toyota Motor Corporation awarded it as a Model Plant.

In the year 2007, Suzuki san set up his own company, Lean Land Laboratory Co. Ltd., a training and consultancy company specializing in introducing, training and implementing the TPS concept. Since collaborating with VA partners in 2014, numerous Malaysian SMEs have benefited from his extensive professional experience in building strong 5S and VSM foundations, both of which are key modules in TPS implementation. In complement to the training, he and VA partners, have also organised insightful Lean Study tours to Nagoya, the home of TPS.

Suzuki san believes that to successfully implement TPS, one must have a very strong foundation in 5S or TPM. Therefore, he dedicates much time in Kaizen training, Standardized Work training, Q-A Matrix and VSM training. It is his hope that with the Lean concept approach, SMEs in Malaysia will one day grow beyond their SME status.

Chiu Kai Mun

B. Comm. (HRM & Marketing) Consultant / Director

CHIU KHAI MUN has a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Human Resource Management and Marketing from Deakin University, Victoria, Australia. He also has a Diploma in Business Studies from Disted- Stamford College, Penang, Malaysia.

He has worked as an intern in the Coles Myer Supermarkets, Organizational Development and Effectiveness Team, Melbourne, Australia. Back in Malaysia, he has worked as a Business Development Executive with I-Pacific Commerce Sdn. Bhd.

Khai Mun was a very active student. He has held various positions such as the President of Students’ Representative Council of Disted-Stamford College, assistant troop leader of 7th Georgetown North Scout Troop of St. Xavier’s Institution.

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He also actively participated in event organizing and was awarded the Outstanding Asian Young Executive by the Penang State Government for his high level of ability in planning, organizing and as a team player in 2002.

He is Qualified ISO 9001:2008 QMS Consultant and Trainer for Human Resource Development with over ten years of training and consulting experience with a diverse customer base, he is specializing in Business Development Coaching, Personal & Team Development, ISO system implementation & upgrading, as well as Lean Management & Branding.

David Ong Aik Hong

ISO Consultant, VA Learning Sdn. Bhd.

Mr. David Ong Aik Hong received the Bachelor of International Business Management degree from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom. He has worked as an intern in ViTrox Technologies Sdn. Bhd., Business Development Team. After the completion of his internship, he moved to Kuala Lumpur and took on the position of International Business Development Executive in Power Point Consulting Sdn Bhd. He was a young and energetic student, holding various positions such as President of Disted Badminton Club, Secretary of Disted Basketball Club and Vice President of Disted Prom Night Event (Penang).

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His tenure with VA Learnings Sdn. Bhd had provide David with a platform to acquire vast training and consulting experience especially in ISO audits and certifications. David also developed a passion in helping and guiding customers to achieve Peak Performances through an effective Quality Management System.

As a consultant, he captures inputs from customers and provides appropriate solutions with his analytical skills. He is very dynamic and passionate in providing training & consultancy to move his customers to the next level. David had always believe that he is a “remedy” to his customers and is able to add value beyond the level of customers’ expectations.

Ng Lee Leng


Lee Leng is a Chartered Management Accountant ( UK ) who has a colorful career as Financial & Management Accountant, Management System Consultant & Wellness Consultant.

Subsequently, she qualified as Certified Financial Planner, Associate Estate Planning Practitioner ( UK ) , Islamic Estate Planner and Senior Professional Estate Planner with Rockwills since year 2003.

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For the past 13 years , Lee Leng has helped hundreds of families and business owners in their family and business wealth distributions and preservation planning by setting up Will and Business Succession plan , Business Value Protection Trust , 3G Family Business Trust , Single Parent Trust , Declaration of Trust, Insurance Trust and other estate planning vehicles.

She has shown professionalism and true leadership qualities as an industry leader with a proven track record of success . She is a consistent award winner for Rockwills Golden club , Rockwills 100 K club , CEO Award Qualifier and Hall of Fame Achiever.

She is also a leader and mentor to a very dedicated Rockwills estate planners team . Her mission is to build more highly qualified professional estate planners to serve and help more people.

Ng Kok Onn

With a mission to help people to change their lives by changing the water they drink, Kok Onn is dedicated to sharing and bringing KANGEN WATER to your premise.

After much research through documented study by medical professionals on all water systems found in the market.The best in the industry recommended is Enagic Kangen Water.

He is the person to explain the many health and other benefits of having an Enagic Kangen water in your home.On the other hand,the detrimental health effects of drinking the wrong water on the long term basis.

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He also believes that true health is a balance involving quality water,clean air, good nutrition,exercise and a positive mental attitude.With the right water,it can greatly help transform the lives of many people to be truly healthy and have peace of mind for prevention of serious illnesses.